F-21 American fighter Jet which is offered to India and contender of MMRCA 2.0. It is an upgraded version of the F-16 fighting falcon. In MMRCA 2.0 deal India is about to buy some 126 fighter jets so Lockheed Martin offered this jet which will be manufactured locally partnering with Tata Advance System (TAS) under the "Make In India" initiative.

It will be an evolved version of its family with better performance and capabilities which is under development status and estimate to be completed in 2025.

F-21 "Lockheed Martin'
 let us have a look at its specification

Year of manufacture- 2025

current status- In-Development

manufacturer- Lockheed-Martin

total production- 0

capabilities- fighter, ground attack, interceptor, anti-ship, reconnaissance (RECCE0, training, advance training


crew varients- 1 or 2

height- 16.01 ft (4.88m)

width- 32.64 (9.95m)

length- 49.38 (15.05m)

empty weight- 18,960lb (8,600 kg)

loaded weight- 42,329 (19,200kg)


 power- ESTIMATED 1 x General Electric F110-GE-129 afterburning turbofan engine developing around 18,000 lb dry thrust and 30,000 afterburning thrust.


speed- 1,317  mph (2,120kph)

ceiling-50,033 mph (15,250 m)

range- 2,622 miles (4,220 km)

rate of climb- 50,000 ft/min

operational- possible in India


weapon carry capabilities- possibly its weapon carries capabilities will be the same as F-16 but it is not specified yet. To know about F-16's weapon carry capabilities click here.

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