Five Upcoming Russian Aircrafts

Today I am going to tell you about five Russian upcoming aircraft which may be introduced in the next ten years but their names are not finalized. These aircraft will not be derivatives of Soviet Time but the goal will be based on that. All these aircraft will be based on a totally new airframe.
Brief Specification:


TU-160 Bomber

As you know America and China are giving tough competition to Russia in bomber aircraft. PAK-DA is bomber aircraft that will better than the lastest Russian bomber TU-160 which will have all the capabilities of  TU-160 but in addition, it can launch air blastic missiles ( KH-41 developed by Russia) like MIG-31K and TU-22. It will give a tough competition to American bomber B-21 and Chinese B-20 bomber aircraft.

2. MIG-36 (possibility)


This aircraft will be stealth version of Mig-29 as Boeing is trying to develop a stealth version of F-15 which is an old fighter aircraft. Russia is developing this aircraft with the UAE. The changes that are going to be done besides stealth are lessening the radar cross-section and the ability to launch R-73 air-to-air hypersonic missile. MIG-36 is not the official name.

3. MIG-41 (possibility)



Name is not defined yet but this Russian aircraft will have the ability of two Russian aircraft that is MIG-31 and MIG-25, both are interceptor aircraft. As we know MIG-25 can travel with a speed of 3 Mach and with an altitude of up to 30km, making it a tough target for any missile defense system. The suit (body) of MIG-31 was better than MIG-25, MIG-41 will have both the ability, and it is estimated it may be travell with a speed of Mach 5 and altitude of approx 40km.

4. Su-60 (possibility)


Russian are not very happy with their 5th generation fighter aircraft because it is not as stealthy as true 5th generation fighter aircraft like F-22 Raptor or F-35. They have ordered it in a number of 78 for the Russian airforce. They developed the airframe of the aircraft in a way that can be turned in 6th generation fighter aircraft and they are working on it. They are developing a Saturn-30 engine, laser weapon, artificial intelligence, hypersonic ballistic missile launch capabilities, and anit-gravity suit for hard maneuverability against gravitation. Now you may be thinking why I chose Su-60, that is because Su-30 and Su-35 developed from Su-27 likewise Su-60 will be derivative of Su-57.

5. YAK-150


It will be an advanced version of YAK-141 which had a capability of vertical take-off and landing. In soviet time they had developed the prototype version of it but due to lack of funds the project had stopped but now it is again revived. It will have AESA radar less radar cross-section, will have the capability to launch R-37 hypersonic air-to-air missile. 

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