Top 10 Military Drones

To 10 Military Drones- As you know the military roll of unmanned military aircraft system is growing at an unprecedented rate. They are rapidly transforming the ways wars are fought across the globe. Drones warfare reached a new milestone in today's world as it can intervene on the battlefield indirectly by designating targets for precision-guided munitions dropped or fired from the manned system or directly by dropping or fired these mutations by unmanned systems. let us see the world Top 10 Military Drones.

Elbit Hermes 900

Elbit Hermes 900 is an Israeli medium-sized, multi-payload, medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle designed for tactical missions. The system is unarmed and intended for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance role as well as other indirect combat battlefield rolls including communications relay. The Hermes 900 first operational mission took place on July 15, 2014, which was the link in a chain of operations that eventually led to a fighter jet attack that destroyed terrorist infrastructure.

It has an endurance over 36 hours and can fly at a maximum altitude of 30,000 ft. The maximum takeoff weight is 1600 kg and is powered with a single Rotax 914 Turbo aircraft engine which produces 86 Kn of output power. The maximum speed and a cruise speed of UAV are 229 km/h and 112 km/h.

CH-5 Rainbow

The CH-5 Rainbow is the series of Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles developed by Chinese Acadamy of aerospace aerodynamics of china, aerospace science and technology corporation. The CH-5 Rainbow can carry munitions of various types. It can carry 16 missiles at a single time. It is the latest UCAV of the rainbow series which has a reported mission endurance window of up to 60 hours.

It can fly at an altitude nearing 30,000 ft. and the maximum takeoff weight is 3000 kg and the maximum speed and a cruising speed of 170 km/h and 150 km//h. Its maximum range is 10,000 km powered with a single turbocharged conventional engine. It produces an output of about 450 horsepower.

MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone

The General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle is also called, sky warrior. It is a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aircraft system developed by the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for The United States army. Cray Eagle performs reconnaissance, surveillance, targets acquisition command, and control communication relays and single intelligence. It is armed with four missiles that are the AGM-144 Hellfire, 8 AIM-92 Stinger and four bombs that is GBU-44B viper strike.

It is powered with a Thielrt Centurion 1.7 Heavy fuel Engine which produces about 165 horsepower. The maximum takeoff weight of the vehicle is 1633 kg and it has an endurance of 25 hours. Its maximum speed and cruising speed are 309 km/h and 250 km/h. It has a range of 2000 km and the service ceiling is 29,000 ft.


 The Tai Anka is developed by Turkish Aerospace industries for the requirements of the Turkish armed forces. The vehicle is designed for night and day mission including adverse weather condition performs real-time image intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance moving, and stationary targets, detection recognition identification and tracking missions.

The vehicle is powered with a single TUSAS Engine Industries PD-170 engine which produces an output of 155 horsepower. Its maximum speed and the cruising speed of the vehicle are 217 km/h and 204 km/h. It can go up to a maximum range and altitude of about 14,018 km and 33,000 ft. The endurance is 24 hours with 200 kg with a useful payload.


This is an experimental unmanned combat aerial vehicle being developed by and with international corporations led by the French company Dassault Aviation. The unmanned Neuron is controlled from the ground-based station and from control stations and combat aircraft such as the French Rafale or the Swedish Gripen. The design goals are to create a stealthy autonomy UAV that can function in medium to heigh combat zones.

The aerial vehicle is expected to have an endurance of several hours even though the specific hours were not shown. It is armed with 2230 kg guided bombs and has a maximum takeoff weight of 6000 kg. It is powered with one Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour engine. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 980 km/h and its service ceiling is nearly 46,000 ft.

 MQ-9 REAPER Drone

This is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations developed by General Autonomics aeronautical systems primarily for the United States airforce. The MQ-0 Reaper is first hunter-killer designed for long-endurance, high altitude surveillance. It is armed with 4 AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, two 230 kg joint direct attack munitions.

It is powered with a single Honeywell TPE331-10 turbofan engine which produces an output of 900 horsepower. its maximum takeoff weight is 4700 kg, the maximum range is 1900 km and the service ceiling is 50,000 ft. It has an endurance of 14 hours. It's maximum and cruising speed of this military drones is 482 km/h and 313 km/h.

4. BOEING X-45
 BOEING X-45 Drone

This is an unmanned combat air vehicle, a concept demonstrator for the next generation of the completely autonomous military aircraft developed by Boeing's phantom works. It was manufactured by Boeing integrated defence system and is in service with the United States. The X-45  is armed with a two-weapon by to carry combination joint direct attack ammunition, and small diameter bombs.

It has a maximum takeoff weight of 2676 kg. Its maximum speed and range are 919 km/h and 2405 km. The Boeing X-45 is powered with a single Honeywell F-124 GA-100 Turbofan engine. It can Fly at an altitude of over 40,000 ft.


This is a developmental unmanned combat air vehicle built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for the United States military. The Predator C is armed with Internal weapons bay with 1600 kg capacity, 6 external hardpoints, 6500 pounds of payload that included several guided bombs and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

Its maximum takeoff weight of the vehicle is 8225 kg. It is powered with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B turbofan engine, that produces 17.75 Kn of thrust. It has a maximum and cruising speeds are of 740 km/h and 648 km/h. This military drone has an endurance of 18 hours and can fly to a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft.


This is a high altitude remotely piloted surveillance aircraft that provides a broad overview and systematic surveillance using high-resolution synthetic aperture radar and longe range infrared sensors with long loiter times over target areas. It is operated by the United States airforces and used as a high altitude long endurance platform covering the spectrum of intelligence collection capability to support forces and worldwide military operations.

The RQ-4 is powered with the single Rolls-Royce F137 RR-100 turbofan engine that produces 34 Kn of thrust. Its maximum and cruising speed of the aircraft are 629 km/h and 570 km/h. It can fly up to a maximum range and altitude of about 22782 km and 60,000 ft. It has more than 32 hours of endurance.


This is a demonstration unmanned combat aerial vehicle designed for aircraft carrier-based operations. It was developed by the American defence technology company Northrop Grumman. The X-47B first flew in 2011 and as of 2015, its two active demonstrators have undergone extensive flight performed a series of land and carrier-based demonstration. It is armed with two weapon bays providing for up to 2000 kg of the ordinance.

This vehicle is powered with the single Pratt & Whitney F100-200U turbofan engine. It has a maximum takeoff weight of over 20,215 kg. Its maximum and cruising speeds are 1235 km/h and 1111 km/h. It can fly up to a maximum range and altitude of more than 388m km and 42,000 ft.

These are the Top 10 Military Drones of the world.

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