IAF test fired Stand-Off Anti-Tank SANT Missile


SANT Missile

Stand-Off Anti-Tank (SANT) Missile was successfully tested by an Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-35 Hind Gunship Helicopter off the coast of Odisha on 19th August 2020 and, another are going to be tested within the next 24 hours. SANT is an airborne anti-armor guided-missile which are to be armed, on HAL developed ALH-Rudra Mk. IV and Light Combat Helicopters (LCH). 

The SANT missile has been developed by DRDO’s research facility Imarat, in association with the Indian Air force, and is an upgrade of Helina’s missile, which had a variety of 7-8 km. The new missile features a range of 15-20 km and is provided with a replacement nose-mounted fire-and-forget millimeter-wave (MMW) W-band seeker to assist keep the launch platform at a safe distance, to evade defensive fire from the target .

 \Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army Aviation Corps (AAC) have a combined requirement of 4,000 SANT units and it's likely are going to be cleared for production by end of 2021. SANT are going to be the most airborne anti-armor guided-missile for the ALH-Rudra Mk. IV and Light Combat Helicopters (LCH) fleet.

Source- idrw.org

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