IAF to purchase A330 from Aviation Companies

Airbus A330

Airbus A330 has been the choice of the Indian Airfoce for both next generation refuelers and AWACS program but it has not been cleared by the finance ministry due to high purchase cost of the platforms.

As per latest report, the Indian Airforce can acquire the A330 platforms from aviation companies which are available for long term lease and outrides sales.

Dur to declining commercial line industry the available A330 aircrafts are just eight years old and their engines have plenty of life in them and will cost only 30% as compared to newly build A330 aircrafts.

With over 1500 Airbus A330 produced since 1992. It will not be difficult to find engines and spares from civilian market and the commonality between civilian and military variant of A330 is more than 85%.

Israel has already offered conversion kit to India to convert civilian platform into areal refueling platform.

About Airbus A330

The A330neo is a true example of a highly-innovative aircraft that delivers superior quality and efficiency. As a member of Airbus’ family of wide-body jetliners, the A330neo benefits from continuous investment of over 150 million euro every year – integrating the latest developments from the A350 XWB and A380 Families to maintain its position as the best in its class, well ahead of its competition.

The A330neo is powered by high-bypass ratio, new generation engines and designed with an advanced high-span wing vastly improving the aerodynamics. New materials have also been used across the wing including titanium pylon and composite nacelle. All these features combined, ensures that the A330neo has the lowest seat-mile cost of any mid-size wide-body and burns 25% less fuel burn than the previous generation competitors.

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